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Start Your Digital Marketing In 2019, For As Low As 3,100Kshs for 4 Issues With H&S Magazine Kenya

Advertise In H&S Magazine Kenya For As Low As 3,100Kshs for 4 Issues

Advertise In H&S Magazine Kenya & Stand Out In 2019!

Welcome To The World Of Elite Lifestyle

H&S Magazine Kenya, is a digital ‘Elite Lifestyle’ magazine that consists of digital marketing to attract customers to your establishment via original content through different lifestyle categories.

Our Categories include: Travel, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Art & Culture, Bon Appétit, Homes & Gardens, Events & Entertainment, Relationships, Science & Technology, Sports & Fitness, Business Ideas & Inspirations, Real Estate & Vehicles.

Our Content Is delivered weekly in the form of:

  1. A weekly digital magazine
  2. A weekly digital e-newsletter (email)
  3. Social media advertising
  4. Search engine marketing
  5. User friendly online reader apps such as RSS Feed Readers, Flipboard, Feedly, Google News & Yummly

This content builds trust with potential customers by providing them with something unique that they can value and keep revisiting regularly and at the touch of their finger tips.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Advertise Digitally

1. Affordable- Value For Money

Affordable Start Your Digital Marketing In 2019, For As Low As 3,100Kshs for 4 Issues With H&S Magazine Kenya
Today it can be very expensive to carryout traditional marketing such as print media, billboards, Radio Adverts & TV Adverts, when it’s a known fact that more than 90% of your consumers use the web daily through their computers and smart phones. If you already carryout traditional marketing or if you are just starting up, our rates start from as low as 3,100Kshs for 4 adverts, a different advert weekly, keeping your customers engaged with new content weekly. The best advantage with digital marketing is: it will never expire!! In fact, in time you will get new customers as more people land on your advert and search engine sites such as google will list you higher and higher.


2. Wider Reach

Wider Reach Start Your Digital Marketing In 2019, For As Low As 3,100Kshs for 4 Issues With H&S Magazine KenyaIf you are targeting customers locally, in the East African region and the rest of the world, it may be very difficult to get out there if you are using traditional means. With a growing platform such as H&S Magazine Kenya and through all our digital marketing efforts & platforms, anyone & everyone interested in Kenyan products and services within or outside Kenya will easily be able to find, refer to and shortlist your company.


3. Changing Trends

Customer AccessibilityAsk yourself these questions: 

  1. When was the last time you personally went out and bought a magazine?
  2. When was the last time you took down a number from a billboard?
  3. How often do you watch a TV advert and take down the contacts?

Now Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. How much time do you spend online daily (reading an article, catching up on the latest news, watching videos, browsing images)?
  2. How often do you contact someone form a social media advert or from a website you visited?
  3. What is the first thing you do when you are looking for something? Do You Google it or pick up the phone book?

We at H&S Magazine embrace change and if you have correctly answered the questions above you will see that Kenya is already living in the digital age and it’s time for you to embrace this change to reach your consumers.

4. Rich Content “Without Limitations”

Rich Content Start Your Digital Marketing In 2019, For As Low As 3,100Kshs for 4 Issues With H&S Magazine KenyaTraditionally if you are to place an advert anywhere you stuck with lots of limitations, for example:

Traditional Advert Limitations:

  1. In a print magazine you cannot place galleries, videos, music, contact forms and click to action buttons
  2. You have a limitation of time e.g. on a print magazine i.e. when an issue is old it expires, on a TV & Radio advert a consumer must watch it only at a specific time and it’s still limited to number of seconds, unless you are playing with a hefty budget.
  3. You are limited to space e.g. half a page 


Digital Marketing Without Limitations:

In Digital advertising the sky is the limit, you can place videos, image galleries, call to action buttons even have games and issue digital vouchers to winners to redeem gifts.


5. Call To Action Buttons

Call To Action Start Your Digital Marketing In 2019, For As Low As 3,100Kshs for 4 Issues With H&S Magazine KenyaIn 2019 if you want to make a phone call, send an email or check the location of a place, with simple click to action buttons “Call Now”, “Check Directions”, “Email Now” these are all available with digital marketing and more people would take action compared to traditional advertising.


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