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05 Dec, 2021
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adopt, don't shop

ADOPT, Don’t Shop!

Adopt Don’t Shop: Adopt Any Of These Cute Furry Friends & Gain A Best Friend Furever!

Cats were considered gods by the ancient Egyptians & now we know why! Well, ask any cat owner and they will jokingly tell you when you adopt one, know that you are owned and not the other way round. Many pet lovers believe cats can’t love you as affectionately as dogs but in reality, they are equally affectionate and can even experience separation anxiety when kept away from their favourite person! There’s a lot to these cats apart from being cute, smart & fun. Cats can make the purrfect pet ever for so many reasons.

Why You Need To Adopt!-

  1. You get to save a life!
  2. You get a healthy pet
  3. In return, you get lots of cuddles and love for free
  4. Your pet is already trained
  5. You support a community/shelter & also allow space for more pets to be rescued

We have 6 soft, warm, adorably playful cats that need a home, and we promise they will make the purrfect addition to your family!

1. Meet Lea a 5-month-old fully vaccinated and dewormed female!ADOPT, Don't Shop!


2. Denis approximately 2-month-old male who is dewormed and due to be vaccinated next week!


3. Meet Cheryl a 4-month-old fully vaccinated, and dewormed Cheryl female!ADOPT, Don't Shop!


4. Meet Calvin approximately 2-month-old male, fully vaccinated and dewormed!


5. Meet June a 5-month-old fully vaccinated and dewormed female! ADOPT, Don't Shop!


6. Meet Robin 5 months or slightly older male who is fully vaccinated and dewormed & Ready to be neutered this Saturday!


Want The Above Effects To Double? It’s simple, get more! After all, it’s also good for your cat to have a companion whilst you are busy working & even better you get to SAVE MORE THAN ONE LIFE!

Fill Out The Form Below If You Are Interested In Having A Furry Friend:

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Adopting A Fur Baby means adding a new family member to your family, and they require tender loving care...
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