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21 Jan, 2021
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Why Adopt A Cat?

adopt a catCats were considered gods by the ancient Egyptians & now we know why! Well, ask any cat owner and they will jokingly tell you when you adopt one, know that you are owned and not the other way round. Many pet lovers believe cats can’t love you as affectionately as dogs but in reality, they are equally affectionate and can even experience separation anxiety when kept away from their favourite person! There’s a lot to these cats apart from being cute, smart & fun. Cats can make the purrfect pet ever for so many reasons.

Did You Know? Some Fun Facts-

Cats have better hearing than humans and dogs! Yes, that’s right their ears are more sensitive than dogs.

Cats have a better memory than dogs! Are you surprised? Dogs have short term memory that lasts minutes whilst a cat’s memory can last for up to 16 hours.

Cats are cleaner than dogs! Dogs love to roll around in the dirt, but cats are just self-cleaning machines. Whilst dogs require regular shampooing/bathing. Cats can go clean for months.

Cats are low maintenance pets compared to dogs! Dogs require regular walks as part of their exercise and companionship. This doesn’t mean cats don’t require care and attention!

Cats are equally loyal! They may be a little selective of their human friend but once they choose you & deem you worthy, you have earned a furever loyal friend!

Cats are more independent! They do love the affection from their human friends but also don’t mind their own company which makes them a perfect pet for people who are busy working.

Imagine if just watching those cute, silly videos of cats can ward off negative emotions and bring instant happy thoughts and smiles on your faces, what adopting a cat could actually do for you? Still not convinced on why you need a cat in your life? Keep reading!

These soft warm, adorably playful kitties need a home and here’s what you need to know about cats!

As Covid continues, these cuties not only make a perfect companion but are also good to keep for many reasons. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Cats Keep Your Heart Healthy – Not only are the purrs good to control your blood pressure but these little fur bugs help reduce your stress and anxiety and according to one study, cats can lower your risk of getting a heart attack up to 40%!
  2. Cats Are Natural Healers – That’s right! Those purrs as mentioned not only lower blood pressure but also have other healing effects such as promoting bone strength and healing muscle and ligament injuries.
  3. Cats Are The Best Emotional Support Animals – They know how to comfort their purrents and help them cope with anxiety, panic attacks as well as depression.
  4. Cats Can Help Promote Strong Immune System – Contrary to the belief that cats cause asthma, according to the Journal of Paediatrics, children who grow up with cats have fewer allergies and respiratory issues.
  5. Cats Are The Best Nap Buddies – Cats are lazy and spend more than 60% of the day sleeping. So if you are alone and single they make the best companions as they can chill with you on your sofa whilst you watch your fave show on Netflix, read a book or simply want to take a nap.

Want The Above Effects To Double? It’s simple, get more! After all, it’s also good for your cat to have a companion whilst you are busy working & even better you get to SAVE MORE THAN ONE LIFE!

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