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12 Jun, 2024
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Achieving Effective Weight Transfer – Phera Jai

How To Achieve Effective Weight Transfer During Golf Swing ?️ By Phera Jai

In order to be able to achieve effective weight transfer during the golf swing, there are many key factors that need to be considered. One of the most important factors is lower body stability.

Weight transfer is key during the golf swing to allow for a good swing plane, and to help generate power and consistency.

A pre-injury screening must be conducted in order to identify any physical limitations that may affect lower body stability and the ability to transfer weight.

weight transferDuring the screening, key factors to look out for are how long one can balance on one leg for with the eyes closed. Ideally, a golfer should be able to balance on each leg independently comfortably for 15 seconds if not longer. The range of motion in both hips needs to be identified, limitations within the hip joints will not allow for the upper body to rotate with keeping the lower body stabilized.
Flat feet or high arches will also affect the hips ability to have the optimal range of motion in order to pivot. The best way to analyze feet is to go through the ALINE lower body alignment evaluation, which will indicate whether or not
someone has flat feet or high arches and the severity of it. The strength factor in the gluteal muscles plays a key role in stabilizing the hips during the backswing and downswing. If the hips are not stabilized, it will cause a sway and slide motion during the swing, thus leading to decreased power and a lot of inconsistency during the swing. In regards to posture at address, having rounded shoulders (‘C’ Posture), it will lead to a lack of rotation within the upper body, which in turn will cause a decreased ability to transfer the weight onto the trail and lead leg effectively.

The key to understanding weight transfer of a golfers swing, is for them to understand how their body moves, and how it should move, correct swing technique as well as keeping the range of motion, strength and stability are extremely important to be able to maintain a consistent golf swing, which will lead to decreased effort and more enjoyment during golf.


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