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06 Dec, 2021
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8 Home Office Ideas – H&S Homes & Gardens

Home Office Ideas: Working From Home In Style!

With the latest “working from home” trend, home offices have become increasingly popular & for this reason, it’s time you transform your working space with some great office ideas. Despite the pandemic, working from your home can be inspirational, provided it is aesthetically pleasing & inviting. Remember your flow of creativity should be inspired in your home office allowing you to enjoy & focus on getting the work done. If you are looking for home office ideas, keep reading to find out how to integrate a functional yet stunning office space, be it in a tiny corner or in a room within your home! Below, we have 8 home offices ideas that will suit all styles and spaces, be it large or small.

8 Inspiring Home Office Ideas:

1. Home Office With A Lively Wall Display-

home office ideas

Any form of artwork, be it one covered with sketches or paintings or one with photos makes the perfect backdrop for your home office. It could be bright and colourful or simply black & white in simple or stunning frames to add some character & liven up your workspace.


2. An Attic Home Office-

home office ideas

If you have an unused attic space why not convert it into a functional office space. This is perfect for holding meetings online as it offers a great deal of privacy and at the same time makes used of the unused space.


3. Spandrel Converted Into A Home Office-

home office ideas

The Spandrel or space under the staircase is a space that’s usually not utilized to its full potential. However, you can convert this little space into a functional office space bringing life into space and even making it a focal point. So if you have got this space, you can turn it into a beautiful office!


4. Home Office That Screams ‘YOU’-home office ideas

Let your personality shine through your office space! Whatever you like let it show in your personal office space as it is your personal space where you will be spending a lot of your time in. If you want to go all out and add your own touch of glitz and glamour go ahead! After all, it is your home office space & you’ve got to live with it. Check this black & white theme used. Pink fresh flowers have been added to give a pop of colour. Accents have also been added for a personal chic touch!


5. Dedicated Home Office Room-

If you have an unused room or many rooms in your home then you can definitely dedicate it to creating your personal home office. There are no limitations when you have a whole room to utilise as an office space. You can add furniture apart from the office desk and chair to give it a more professional look or you can add your own touch to this space and get completely creative with it. There are so many choices and it’s completely up to you & what you want out of that space.


6. Bringing Your Home Office Inside Your Bedroom-

Living in a small home comes with its own limitations but that doesn’t mean you can’t own your own office space. Bring your office space into your bedroom. Make use of furniture that is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical so that even if you want to use the space for something else you have the flexibility to do so. If you have a corner you can dedicate this to an office space & if not you can strategically place a desk that blends in perfectly with the room yet stands out as your office space.


7. Merging Your Home Office Into Your Living Room-

Just because you don’t have a single room to dedicate to an office doesn’t mean you can’t function without it. You can elegantly merge your office space into your living room and voila you won’t even realise you don’t have enough rooms.


8. Bringing Your Home Office Into Your Garden-

Why not turn a garden room or utilize an unused garden space as your office? This can create a sense of serenity as working amidst nature can be very relaxing as well.




Keep an eye out for this space as we bring to you interesting articles that will help you have a beautiful home & a beautiful garden!

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