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23 Apr, 2024
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7 Perfect Sweaters By Sarah Nderi

7 Perfect Sweaters By Sarah Nderi

 7 Perfect Sweaters For Cold & Chilly Weather By Sarah Nderi

Sweater weather is almost here. The rain should stop teasing us and rain already as the dust now is unreal. Apart from the dust, I really love hot weather because we get to wear short and colourful dresses, colourful blouses and sandals.

Anyways, it’s time to stock up on sneakers, leather shoes, umbrellas, coats and sweaters before the actual rain starts. For this reason, I have rounded up sweaters that are great for sweater weather.

1. Long Sleeve Button Down Sweater

perfect sweatersThis one is versatile and can be worn on different occasions for different seasons. For the cold season, choose a complimenting scarf or coat to layer and keep warm and change when temperatures grow cooler.

2. Light Pink Turtle Neck For A Touch Of Colour

perfect sweatersA turtle neck is warm and fuzzy and a great staple to any wardrobe.  Choose any colourful turtle neck and make any dull weather day lively.



3. A Colour Block Sweater

perfect sweatersColour block sweaters go well with many outfits and make it easy to transition between seasons, easy to accessorize and make outfits more vibrant.


4. A Warm & Stylish Sweater

perfect sweatersThere’s no reason why you can’t be cozy and stylish with a warm stylish cardigan like this one.


5. Off The Shoulder Look For Slightly Warm Days

perfect sweaters


6. A Vintage Burgundy Sweater

perfect sweatersI love the colour burgundy and I would recommend a chunky burgundy sweater. The colour is not so bright and perfect for dull weather.


7. A Slightly Over sized Sweater For Comfort And Style

perfect sweatersOver sized sweaters look great with skinny jeans and high waisted jeans, plus they provide a lot of warmth and coziness as well. Choose a colour that goes well with your wardrobe and add it as a staple.

Which other sweaters do you have or are on your wish list? Let me know in the comments!




SARAH NDERI – Fashion Blogger