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7 Clever Ways To Transform Your Home - H&S Homes & Gardens

7 Clever Ways To Transform Your Home – H&S Homes & Gardens

Transform Your Home Using The 7 Clever Ideas

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Who wouldn’t want their home to look beautiful? Not everyone has a natural eye for design therefore we have come up with a list of 7 clever ideas that you can utilise to transform your home.


1. Light & Neutral Colours For The Walls- Paint your walls light, soft, neutral colours such as cream, white, ivory, beige, biscuit colour, or light grey shades. Light colours make the room look bigger as well as brighter.

2. L, U & H Shaped Arrangements For The Sitting Area- When arranging your sitting area make sure the sofas and chairs are placed in either the L, U or the H shaped arrangements. Remember when you have guests over you want them to be seated so that they can comfortably have a conversation facing each other. You can place a coffee table in the centre to complete the look. Use L-shape arrangement if you have 1 sofa and 1 chair, for H-shape arrangement the sofa will be directly across the chairs or another sofa,  whereas in a U-shape arrangement the chairs will be across the coffee table.


3. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall- Try and have a mirror in every room if possible as a mirror reflects light making the room look brighter and also bigger. However when placing a mirror, place it strategically for e.g. if you have a chandelier in the sitting area you would want the mirror to reflect that beautiful chandelier.


4. Throw In Rugs- Rugs add warmth, texture, colour, fun as well as personality, breaking the monotony of your living space whether it is tiled or has hardwood floors. Cow hide rugs can make your living space look regal however there is no reason why you can’t use washable rugs if you have pets or children.


5. Mix & Match- If you have plain sofas then use contrasting and vibrant cushions on them to make your sitting area look exciting and appealing. If you want a more sophisticated look you can opt for a darker shade than the sofa with beaded work on the front or alternatively you can go for the cow hide cushion covers. Just make sure you choose in line with the sofa and that the overall effect is appealing.


6. Choose The Right Curtain- When choosing curtains for any room make sure they go with the theme and colour of that particular room & make sure they touch the floor.


7. Paint The Ceilings Lighter- Make sure you paint your ceilings a paler/lighter shade than the walls this tricks the human eye & makes the room seem brighter even with just a few windows.