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03 Mar, 2024
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Bring Your Walls To Life In 5 Ways

5 Brilliant Ways To Bring Your Walls To Life!

Bring Your Walls To Life In 5 Ways

The walls that surround your homes speak volumes, as it is on them that you display your most cherished moments- your photos, to the most expensive and expressive artworks! Let’s discover some of the best ways on how to jazz up your walls and bring them to life!

  1. Paintings– You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to realise the value of a painting. A painting be it abstract or portrait, whatever the form, a painting definitely adds depth bringing any wall to life! You don’t have to be a huge spender and buy paintings from art galleries, as we have a lot of artists who sell on the streets for a lot less! Bring Your Walls To Life In 5 Ways
  2.  Wall Hangings– Wall hangings are artistic & creative things you put on your walls that hang down. Wooden, metallic, macramé wall hangings can add a lot of class and volume to your wall & make your room be it a bedroom or a living room or even a hallway stand out. Again these don’t have to be expensive, as you can even make your own simple one by following a DIY wall hanging ideas and add it to your empty wall to bring it to life. Bring Your Walls To Life In 5 Ways
  3.  Mirror, Mirror On The Wall– Mirrors come in many different shapes, sizes and designs and are a complete game changer piece as they add depth and dimension to any decoration. To Add that extra oomph factor to your wall, just hang a beautiful mirror and see the difference. Mirrors are also used to in interior decor to make a particular space or room look bigger. Try hang a mirror in your corridor for example and notice the difference!Bring Your Walls To Life In 5 Ways
  4. Textured Painted Walls– This concept has been around for eons and is still a popular concept in the world of elite interior decoration! Our homes are made of many walls and even if one wall is different from the rest it breaks the monotony and adds extra value to your space. For example in your lounge room just get one wall painted and notice the difference! This livens up your room by adding that splash of colour and texture, breaking the monotony! This technique also hides any flaws that your wall may have. Bring Your Walls To Life In 5 Ways
  5. Wall Papers– Another way of breaking monotony and bringing colour & design into any or your rooms & help transfer your space into a statement-making room! This is a temporary alternative to the textured painted walls!Bring Your Walls To Life In 5 Ways

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