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30 May, 2024
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5 Best Chandeliers To Get In 2019- H&S Homes & Gardens

5 Best Chandeliers To Get In 2019- H&S Homes & Gardens

Top 5 Chandeliers For Your Home

For years, chandeliers have been used to enhance the living area, dining area, bedroom and even bathroom! It’s no longer about perfect lighting but rather luxurious and regal lighting. There are so many types of chandeliers that can be used to give your room, be it an entryway, a living room, bedroom or even a bathroom the royal personality! For that palatial feel & look keep reading this article & get inspired by the top 5 chandelier designs for 2019!

1. The Vintage Crystal Chandelier-

The vintage crystal chandelier is the classiest of all chandeliers. It can be placed in any part of the home from the entryway to the bathroom to give that space a regal look and feel. Just make sure you pick an appropriate size for the area you choose to hang this chandelier!



2. The Gold Finish Sputnik Chandelier-

This chandelier was named so, after the first satellite Sputnik because of it’s similarity! This stunning chandelier can be used to give any space within your home a fresh, bold, contemporary look.



3. The Modern Chandelier-

If the vintage crystal chandelier is a bit too much, then the modern chandelier is something you would be more than happy to settle for! This simple chandelier is not only appealing to the eye but will provide ample of lighting wherever it is placed. A perfect example of its use would be over your dining area!



4. The Drum Chandelier-

The drum chandelier is another simple yet elegant chandelier that can match with almost all kinds of decor. It goes perfectly well over a dining table, just make sure the long rod doesn’t hang too low!



5. The Frosted Inverted Tulip Chandelier-

The frosted inverted tulip chandelier screams both antique & modern and is suitable for both antique-inspired as well as modern interiors. It’s a wider chandelier and is thus suitable for your living room area or can be placed above your dining table as it’s length can be adjusted accordingly. You may even hang this chandelier in any area where the ceiling is low!