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4 Different Outdoor Looks - H&S Homes & Gardens

4 Different Outdoor Looks – H&S Homes & Gardens

4 Different Looks For Your Outside Area!

If you have an outdoor space and want to make the most of it, then keep a few things in mind. Make sure you use weather friendly furniture and paint, add a shade or a roof for privacy, use adequate lighting & make the most with greenery! To learn more make sure you keep reading this section as we take you through 4 of our favourite outdoor looks!

1. Outdoor Area With An Arabic Feel-

If you have got a beach home with an outdoor space & want to give it an Arabic feel, then all you need to do is have some low antique tables made of either wood or marble and floor cushions on a nice Persian or Arabic rug. Just make sure you don’t leave the cushions and rug out permanently! You can have a few cushion covers made in different colours and designs and can use them interchangeably. When guests are over you can serve them some Arabic coffee in the beautiful decorative cups! Note: you can make the roof out of either fibre glass or for a more natural feel wood & cane!


2. Outdoor Greek Inspired Poolside Sitting Area-

If you are looking for a modern Greek inspired look for your poolside area then this is apt for you! Choose cane furniture as it is not only pretty but also weather friendly! For cushions pick white & blue checkered or cross pattern. This is a simple yet beautiful look for your poolside area. Make sure the windows & doors go with the theme and are blue in colour for a more authentic look. You can also hang some Greek inspired ceramic wall hangings, fountain head or planters.


3. Nature Inspired Outdoor Sitting Area-

For all those who love mother nature and earthy colours this is the perfect outdoor sitting area decor idea for you. All you need is cane furniture, plants and more plants. You can use some macrame rope for decor and some earthy coloured cushions for the complete nature inspired look!


4. The Simple Modern Outdoor Sitting Area-

If less is more for you than this is your ideal choice! For a simple modern look all you need is some modern classy chairs & tables made of weather friendly materials. You can add cacti in a couple of pots on the table or place them near the sitting area for a complete modern look!