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18 May, 2022
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2022 Closet Lighting Trends – H&S Homes & Gardens

2022 Closet Lighting Trends: The Smart Lighting Ideas To Lighten & Brighten Your Closet Space!

A closet or wardrobe isn’t perfect if it doesn’t have good lighting. A well-lit closet doesn’t only look good, but it also allows you to see and pick what you want to wear, making your closet seamlessly functional. Whether it’s a walk-in closet or a cupboard these lighting ideas will lighten and brighten up your space and mood!

1. Hang A Chandelier In The Closet-

closet lighting
We all need good lighting in our walk-in closet to allow us to get ready without any issues. A chandelier is not just some classy choice, it’s perfect for a large space as it not only adds beauty to the space but also illuminates the room making it well-lit.


2. Add Vertical Lighting In Your Closet-

closet lighting
This kind of lighting is perfect to view the entire length of your garments. Usually LED lighting is used to create this effect.


3. Use Layer Lighting-

LED lighting within drawers, dividers for shoes, hats and other accessories can be used to create a seamless look. It not only helps you see everything displayed but also lights up beautifully.


4. Lighting Within Joinery-

Under-cupboard lights or incorporated within joinery or shelving help illuminate the space! This is perfect under shelves for example, to throw light on the object in display such a handbag.


Closet Lighting Trends For You

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