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22 Apr, 2021
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2021 shoe trends

2021 Shoe Trends For Him By H&S Fashion Guide

Top 3 Shoe Trends – H&S Fashion For Him

A guy can never own too many shoes because the type of shoe a man wears speaks volumes about his style and personality! The pandemic hasn’t been able to put a halt to fashion and it should certainly not stop you from indulging in a good pair of shoes that look as well as feel good. So are you ready to level up your footwear game? Read on to find out what made it to the H&S top 3 Shoe Trends List!

Top Shoe Trends For Him

1. Simply Sneakers-

2021 shoe trends

These casual pair of shoes make dressing for any time of the day easy! You know you can’t go wrong if you own these! They go perfectly well with a casual outfit but can also be worn to the club and can also complement your dressy outfit! If you want to indulge in a more luxurious pair, opt for an “elevated white pair of sneakers” made from fine Italian leather.


2. Classy Chelsea Boots-

Another of our favourites! Chelsea boots are perfect for the rugged yet stylish look. You can slip into these with a pair of jeans or with a suit and they’re perfect for the daytime & nighttime. You can opt for leather or suede. Whatever your pick, Chelsea boots are the all-purpose footwear to own!


3. Handwoven Huaraches-

These handwoven sandals are so flexible and comfortable & they easily conform to your feet with wear. They can be worn with a pair of jeans, on a date or can even be worn to the beach. They are unique in the way they look and you can be assured that if you own this pair of sandals, you’ll definitely stand out.


What’s Your Favourite 2021 Shoe Trend? Comment Below!!


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