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16 Apr, 2021
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2021 men's fashion

2021 Men’s Fashion Trends – By H&S Fashion Guide

6 ‘For Him’ Trends To Look Out For This 2021

2021 has finally arrived and with it gentlemen, this year has some very cool fashionable designs that will blow your mind away! Despite the pandemic, the fashion trends continued to grow and with that said, here’s what made it to our top 6 list of 2021 trends. So are you ready to embrace this new year looking nothing but smart & stylish? 

1. Bringing Back Bomber Jackets-

Bomber jackets are just getting bigger & better this year & for this reason, every stylish man must have this in their wardrobe. It’s not only comfy and practical but makes a man look effortlessly charming and cool! There are so many luxury brands that have claimed the bomber jacket this year as it’s a style that suits all body types and can never go out of fashion! If you don’t have one already, make sure to get one this year!


2. Nifty Nautical Wear-

From nautical stripes to nautical shapes, this is another favourite this year. So whether it’s a sailor sweater or a t-shirt with nautical notes, this is a print to own this year!


3. Scribbled Shapes On Shirts-

Scribbled shapes in the form of faces look like a piece of art! This print is trending this 2021 and we are definitely going to see more of this, this year! Find your Picasso inspired shirt and make sure you flaunt it this 2021!


4. Floral Fever- 

Florals you say? Yes, gentlemen florals are in this 2021. Don’t worry floral is not always feminine and when worn correctly, the look is more masculine!


5. The Trendy Trench Coat-

This overcoat is definitely trendy as it’s a timeless classic that gives a masculine look and feel. It’s a wardrobe staple that goes well with trousers as well as jeans.


6. Cozy Cardigan-

Cardigans are versatile & make you look smart as it goes with everything from jeans to formal trousers. For this reason, they are a must-have this 2021! You can wear it with a basic tee or button-down. Our favourite is the shawl collar cardigan that elevates your look from simple to cool!






What’s Your Favourite Trend This 2021? Comment Below!!



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