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29 Sep, 2022
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2021 bathroom trends

2021 Bathroom Trends- H&S Homes & Gardens

What 2021 Bathrooms Are All About!

Looking to have a perfect modern bathroom, that is not just relaxing but screams luxury, without breaking your bank or losing its functionality? We will tell you everything you need to know from colours & materials to finishes and shapes, to help you achieve a luxurious feel & look. So keep reading to find out what’s trending this 2021, to achieve that glamourous dream bathroom!

1. Marvellous With Marble –

You can’t go wrong with marble! Add a generous touch of marble to your master bathroom to make it look elegantly modern and most luxurious. You can add some bling with brass taps or faucets to outshine your contemporary scheme.


2. Modern With Monochrome-

Black & white are a perfect colour combination that you can’t go wrong with when picking a regal colour scheme for your modern bathroom. It’s bold and daring when implemented properly, especially when the correct contrasting materials are used such as wood to add some depth to your design.


3. Go Green!-

2021 Bathroom Trends
Sometimes all you need is a touch of green to bring your bathroom to life especially if you have picked the industrial design, as plants can add depth as well as colour whilst keeping your design intact. Green shouldn’t just be restricted to industrial designs, but you can use them with whatever design you choose for your bathroom.


4. The Boutique Hotel Bathroom-
2021 Bathroom Trends

If you have a bathroom luxurious in size then you may want to think about throwing in a luxurious element and making it a statement boutique bathroom just like the ones in the boutique hotels. You can opt for the walk-in bathroom style with minimalistic styling & lots of glass to make it look regal!


5. Glam It Up With A Wallpaper-

2021 Bathroom Trends
You don’t need to invest in expensive tiling whilst revamping your bathroom, in order to make it look luxurious. Pick a classy wallpaper that will enhance the look. Just make sure you use wallpaper in the right areas.

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