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09 May, 2021
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Hunting For Treasure In The Nairobi National Park On Sunday 30th of August 2020, a number of people participated in a “treasure hunt” organized by the Friends of Nairobi National Park ( FoNNaP). For those who might not be aware, this

Spotting The Spotted Cat - By Gareth Jones It was early morning on a beautiful day, as we drove slowly through the park appreciating the sunrise and God’s wonderful creation. As we drove along the western boundary over rocky terrain, a

NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK - NEARLY NEXT DOOR!! - By GARETH JONES The alarm clock buzzed at 05h00 as we awoke to a new day and arrived at the gate just after 06H00. On a number of occasions, people have seen some

The Story Of The Lurking Leopards - Written by Gareth Jones It was early morning on a crisply cold day in September 2014. I decided to change my normal route and drove past the Kingfisher picnic site, and soon came across