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08 Dec, 2023
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True Transformation Is An Inner Journey The metamorphosis stage in a Caterpillar’s life is the most difficult, I would think. When it reaches this stage, it probably feels like its whole world has caved in. It probably has the worst thoughts about

Spiritual Alchemy & The Dark Night Of The Soul Spiritual Alchemy is the process of turning a person’s “Lead” (persona, ego, thoughts, beliefs, etc) into “Gold”. The First Stage of Spiritual Alchemy is known as CALCINATION. It is also known as the

ECSTATIC DANCE NAIROBI- Movement Is Medicine, Venue: Alchemist, Nairobi, Date: 30th November 2019, No Shoes * No Alcohol/Drugs * Just Dance. A safe space to move freely, reconnect body with spirit, and experience a natural high as music takes you