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18 Jul, 2024
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Romantic thoughts

Rahul Bhavan’s 1st ?- ‘Romantic Thoughts’ Releasing On 28th Of June!

‘Romantic Thoughts’ Written By Rahul Bhavan- Releasing On 28th Of June!?

We are pleased to announce that Rahul’s 1st book ever labelled ‘Romantic Thoughts’ Will be releasing on 28th of June 2018! Watch out and get ready to purchase your copy and support Rahul!
We have already watched the music video ‘Dil jalake’ whose lyrics were written by Rahul Mahendra Bhavan! Rahul now brings to you his first book ‘ROMANTIC THOUGHTS’ which features 20 models and 80 love sayings! This book is sure to touch the hearts of readers. As Rahul states ‘Love is the most beautiful thing in the world!’ So stay tuned as his book is soon going to be available to all!
A special thank you to all the sponsors who helped make Rahul’s dream come true!
This book is published by Writers Guild- Kenya

Where To Purchase His Book?

Shenu Designs, Call Now +254723436540



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