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25 May, 2024
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Fitness Tips For Asthmatics By Millan! ?

Millan’s Tips? For Asthmatics

  Are you an asthmatic i.e. do you suffer from asthma but still crave to be fit? Fret not Millan has some tips that will help you incorporate exercise into your daily lives!

Millan Mandu Nanjero (Ras luigi) born in Eastlands at a place called Kariobangi {Bangla} grew up in and around Eastlands & through out his youth, got involved in sports like football, taekwondo and boxing! He is a personal trainer & gym trainer!

Working out with asthma

For some people, exercise can trigger shortness of breath or other symptoms.

One recent study found that adults who walked three times a week for 12 weeks actually improved asthma control and fitness levels without provoking an attack. This involved half an hour at a time with five minutes of warm up and five minutes of cool-down.

“A moderate-to-brisk walk is the best way to describe this level of activity”, says study author Lisa M. Schwiebert, PhD, associate professor of cell, developmental, and integrative biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham. “Warming up is really important because it will help your tolerance”, says Lianne Marks, MD, an internal medicine physician at Scott & White Healthcare in Round Rock, Texas.



Yoga is great for people with asthma. “I think it’s breath control”, says Robert Graham, MD, an internist and integrative medicine specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “Breathing exercises can activate more areas of the lung.”

One study found that people who practiced Hatha yoga two-and-a-half hours a week for 10 weeks were able to cut down on their asthma medication. The same benefit would probably result from Tai Chi, a martial art that also emphasizes breathing, says Dr. Graham.


Exercise-induced asthma

Exercise-induced asthma is a specific type of asthma that’s triggered just by exercise.

If you find that exercise often triggers your asthma it could be a sign that your asthma isn’t as well-controlled as it could be. See your doctor so you can update your written asthma action plan together, check your inhaler technique and review your asthma medicines.

A regular asthma review can make a real difference to how well you manage your asthma triggers. But if you find that exercise is your only trigger then it could mean that you have exercise-induced asthma.

Your doctor can help you work out whether or not you’ve got exercise-induced asthma. If you do, it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all, but you’ll need extra help to manage asthma symptoms when you do exercise and advice on the right types of exercise/activity for you. Your doctor might suggest you take your inhaler before you exercise.


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