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24 Jul, 2021
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Top Kitchen Trends 2021- H&S Homes & Gardens

What 2021 Kitchens Are All About!- The Top 8 Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is the heart of your home where all tasty meals are prepared and it has become perhaps the most multifunctional and used room in almost every home. It’s also important to note that the kitchen trends are constantly evolving but when it comes to the kitchen some things remain don’t change – you want it to look stylish, speckless, functional, easy-to-use, and comfy! It can be challenging to keep up with all the new trends, we have therefore shortlisted the top trends we think you must consider before planning or recreating your dream kitchen. So whether you are looking for your ‘dream kitchen’ design or for some design inspiration to spruce up your current kitchen, we have some of the state-of-the-art kitchen designs just for you! So are you ready to enjoy cooking like never before?


1. Basic Open-plan Kitchen-

kitchen trends
The open-plan trend has been the most sought after during the pandemic. It is a very clever design that is not only convenient but also uses space efficiently, giving the room a spacious feel. It is functional and allows multi-tasking jobs to occur within the same area without the feeling of confinement.


2. The Return Of The Marble-

kitchen trends
The marble has been used for its elegance and beauty and is thus a very popular choice when planning a luxe kitchen. This year strongly veined marble is the choice of marble for a bespoke kitchen. When paired with contrasting materials such as wood, metal faucets, and polished surfaces you get a high-quality finish!


3. Colour Splurge-

kitchen trends
Let’s be honest, we all need some colour in our life right now and this is the most inexpensive way to bring your kitchen to life. For a modern look opt for bold colours such as a pop of yellow, and if you are brave enough you can invest in 2 contrasting colours such as blue and yellow for a fun, sophisticated, bold look. Remember, don’t be shy when picking a colour, as the kitchen is your personal space and so is your colour choice!


4. Beautiful Backsplash-

A beautiful backsplash can change the whole dimension of your kitchen. Pick a contrasting, eye-catchy backlash that will add character to your kitchen space, ensuring your kitchen’s beauty stands out much more compared to a simple backlash.


5. Statement Pendant Lighting-

Lighting is key to any kitchen designing, and a perfect statement pendant light or lights can make all the difference to your kitchen space. It provides a decorative feature, making your kitchen look fancier or chic depending on your choice.


6. The All-Black Kitchen-

Black is a rich colour and provides a sleek yet luxe look and feel to your kitchen space. If you want to create some drama with your kitchen space then the all-black kitchen should be on your list!


7. Wholly White-

kitchen trends
White can never go out of fashion when it comes to the kitchen space! White is neat, light-enhancing, and hence a popular choice within the kitchen space. If you want a minimalistic, clean look white is the colour of choice. You can also always change it up by adding a beautiful backdrop or a second colour or texture.


8. Mix & Match-

When it comes to the kitchen mixing materials creates contrast and diversity that enhances the look of your space. A wooden countertop with black and white cabinets and dark coloured backsplash could be a unique look for your kitchen space. The bold fusion of colours, designs and materials can create the perfect aesthetically pleasing space for you.



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