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06 Oct, 2022
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Flightless & Fast In The Nairobi National Park One fine afternoon, I drove into the park from the East gate. An ostrich was walking quickly parallel to the road. So I drove slowly forward towards him, the ostrich responded by increasing

Mother's Tough Love Choice - Crowned Lapwing & Its Chicks In Nairobi National Park Several weeks ago, I noticed a bird sitting less than 2 metres from the road, it was a crowned lapwing. After stopping my vehicle for a

The Thrill Bills Of The Nairobi National Park As I approached a dam in the forest near the Langata gate, a flash of colour caught my eye, there in the midst of the reeds was a magnificent saddle-billed stork. I sat

Purely Purply Moments With The Purple Gallinule- Article by Gareth Jones I sat for some time at the Hyena dam and patiently watched and waited. Everything looked so much greener and the dam was very full and overflowing due to recent